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VigorACS 3

Draytek Network Management System


  • Allow new devices to set themselves up and download the latest firmware.
  • Get notified when a device lost its WAN, VPN, or connection with the ACS server.
  • Network insights about device, client, and traffic over a specified period.
  • Create an IPsec, L2TP, or SSL VPN between managed devices within a few clicks.
  • Schedule a off-hour firmware update, configuration change, or device restart
  • Generate network-based report about traffic, firmware version, device


VigorACS 3 is the latest version of DrayTek’s Network Management System (NMS). It supports all current DrayTek routers, access points, and switches, providing a integrated platform for configuration, monitoring and management.

VigorACS 3 is also the core of the DrayTek SD-WAN solution. It’s the central software where Network Administrator can perform configuration, provisioning, and monitoring to the edge routers.





Compatible Devices for SD-WAN


Model Firmware Version
Vigor2865 or later
Vigor2865 LTE or later
Vigor2927 or later
Vigor2927 LTE or later


System Requirement





User's Guide
Web Live Demo

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