WAN Budget

Most ISPs set monthly limits on the amount of data their customers can use in a certain month, especially for 4G LTE USB modems. Users who exceed this quota may experience a slower data speed or be charged overage fees. The WAN Budget application helps the administrator to manage the data usage in a specific period of time. It allows the administrator to set a quota for traffic on each WAN interface, and the router will send a notification email or shut down the interface when the quota is exceeded.

1. Set up a WAN Budget, go to WAN->WAN Budget. In General Setup, click on the WAN interface you would like set a budget.

a. Enable WAN Budget on this interface.

b. Enter a Quota Limit.

c. Select the actions to be taken when the quota is exceeded.

d. Set the date and time for the start of your ISP's billing cycle.

e. Click OK to save the configuration. Please note that after clicking OK, the counter will be reset. So if you want to keep the traffic count, please click Cancel instead.

2. To monitor the current traffic, go to WAN->WAN Budget. In the Monitor Page, administrator can check the usage of each WAN interface.

3. Please note that the traffic counter will be reset when:

a. Click OK in the setting page

b. Reset the router to factory default

However, rebooting the router, restoring configuration or upgrading firmware with the “.all” file will keep the traffic count.

Sunday, January 7, 2018