Cloud Management The Sky's The Limit


By Thomas B. Cross @techtionary

Decades ago IBM developed remote communications access to mainframes.  Flash forward computing, communications, applications and services have all advanced so incredibly that companies can have any solution from anywhere – anytime.  Yet, IT management remains complex with scalability, migration, security, integration, mobile and more.  In addition, TCO-total cost of ownership becomes even more of an issue as many of these cloud services are “by the slice” of pizza rather than the whole pie.  As an advisor and speaker to CIOs and companies, I find these questions are more complex everyday and the solutions more elusive.  Yet, cloud solutions can bring together the “whole pie” of options making the business decision realistic, practical and affordable.  In a series of interviews with customers and ABPtech partners, regarding cloud management solutions, I found three key issues.

First, cost remains and rises to the top of the issues for cloud management.  As Brandon Mays President and CFO of Atlas Credit noted about the DrayTek solution and his MSP “UniteTech, is a great company and works hard serving our 52 locations, with all IT services and support including VoIP systems. The cost savings they have provided us are fantastic and DrayTek’s content filters have been outstanding in reducing unauthorized employee web browsing.”  Yet there were other key issues.

Second, I found that managing via cloud requires an agile management system that allows for device migration, legacy support, advanced real-time reports and notification, updates/backups and more.  The DrayTek was a viable platform for these issues as well.

Third, I found that adding and managing applications is also important.  Another IT expert added, “I would add that the platform also collects data and alerts on aspects such as QOS parameters, VoIP Quality, WAN bandwidth, number of total sessions. Draytek routers and monitoring platform can be tuned as needed to prevent false alarms while not missing critical outages.” As you go from your single site into an n-site configuration, these interviews and others were conducted to help you decide on a viable, practical, economical solution and channel partners to guide, groom and help you grow.

Bottom-line – I would recommend you speak with ABPtech, the US Distributor for DrayTek and its many great IT solutions partner in your pursuit of the ultimate business technology solution for your company.

Product background: The Vigor ACS-SI centralized management system, enables, IT partners, consultants, system Integrators and MSPs to manage hundreds of DrayTek devices remotely, minimizing support calls and expensive truck rolls. It provides a visualized interface from which firmware can maintained, configurations can be backed up, changed or restored in either unit or batch mode, drag-and-drop VPNs can be set up and general device status can be monitored. Where to Buy page or more product information here.