Built-in VPN client – Windows 7 to Vigor Router – L2TP over IPsec

VPN Configuration on Vigor 2925

1. Create a Remote Dial-In User profile in VPN and Remote Access >> Remote Dial-In User.

a. Enable this account.

b. Type the Username and Password.

c. Select L2TP with IPsec Policy as Must.




2. Type the Pre-Shared Key inVPN and Remote Access >> IPsec General Setup.

2.IPsec General Setup


VPN Configuration on PC (Windows 7 built-in VPN client

1. Set a new connection or network inControl Panel >> Network and Sharing Center.

3.Network and Sharing Center


  1. 2. Select Connect to a workplace,and click Next.

    4.Set Up a Connection or Network


  1. 3. Select create a new connection, and click Next.

    5.create a new connection


  1. 4. Select Use my Internet Connection.

    6.Use my Internet connection


  1. 5. Type the WAN IP address of the VPN server, which is Vigor2920, and tick the Don't connect now option, and click Next.

    7.Connect to a Workplace


  1. 6. Type the Username and Password for L2TP VPN connection, and click Create.

    8.Username and Password



  1. 7. Please don't click Connect Now, and click Close instead.



  1. 8. Click Change adapter settings in Control Panel >> Network Sharing Center.

    10.Network Sharing Center


  1. 9. Right click L2TP over IPSec Connection we created, and then select Properties.



  1. 10. Select VPN Type as L2TP / IPSec in the Security Tab, and then click Advanced Settings.

    12.Advanced Settings


  1. 11. Select Use pre-shared key for authentication, type the Key, and then click OK. The Key should be the same as the Pre-Shared Key setting on Vigor2925.

    13.type the Key


  1. 12. Right click L2TP over IPSec Connection, and select Connect.



  1. 13. Type the Username and Password, and click Connect. The Username and Password should be the same as the ones on Vigor2925 VPN Remote Dial-In User Profile.

    15.Username and Password


  1. 14. L2TP over IPSec connection is now established.

    16.Connection Status



Note :

If the L2TP over IPSec tunnel from Windows 7 to Vigor router could not be established successfully, please check the settings below :

1. In Control Panel >> Administartive Tools >> Services, please make sure the IPSec Policy Agent service is started.

2. In Control Panel>> Administrative Tools >> Services, please make sure IKE and AuthIP IPSec Keying Modules are started.

3. Please check if the ProhibitIpSec value is 0 on Windows registry >> HEKY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SYSTEM >> CurrentControlSet >> services >> RasMan >> Parameters >> ProhibitIpSec. If it is not, please change the value to 0, and restart Windows 7 to try again. The steps are :

a. a. Open regedit.



b. b. Go to HEKY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SYSTEM >> CurrentControlSet >> services >> RasMan >> Parameters >> ProhibitIpSec.      18.ProhibitIpSec


c. c. If the ProhibitIpSec value is not 0, right click ProhibitSec, and select Modify.   



d. d. Type Value as 0, and click OK.

20.Value as 0


e. e. Reboot the system.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014