AP Load Balance with Central AP Management


If you have more than one AP 900, and you want only 3 stations connecting to each AP900 at the same time, you can set up AP Load-Balancing.

With load-balancing, when the fourth station tries to connect to an AP900 which already has 3 stations, one of the 3 stations, depending on its idle time, will be disassociated from the original AP 900, and then connect to another AP 900 automatically.






Station 1

Station 2

Station 3

Station 4

Idle time











1. To set up load-balance for AP900s, we should load the same WLAN profile on each AP900. After that, go to Central AP Management >> Load Balance




* Tick Enable.
* Select Overload Detection Mode (here we use By Station Number), and enter Maximum Station Number (here we use 3).
* Choose Force Overload Disassociation to be By Idle Time.
 *Click OK.


* If we choose Force Overload Disassociation to be None, the fourth device will not be able to connect to AP900 if there are already 3 stations connected. 
* AP900 checks if any station is idle every 8 seconds.


2. To check the device connection, go to Central AP Management >> Status, and click WL Client.




The figure above shows the 3 stations connecting to AP900-1.


3. Now try to connect the fourth station to AP900-1.


4. We can check the connection stations by going to Central AP Management >> Status, and click WL Client.




  Draytek AP 900



 Now, in the upper figure, we can see one of the stations from AP900-1 has been changed and the total number of connections remains 3. And the lower figure shows that the dissociated station connects to AP900-2 automatically.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014